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Our Story

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S2P is a brainchild of John Norris’ decades-long health, life sciences, and healthcare breakthrough R&D efforts, especially those resulting in innovations that interface with information technology. John is a former second-in-command of the FDA, a former Harvard faculty member, and a 20x board member and serial entrepreneur.

Norris has assembled an expert team of advisors at the top of their fields in health, healthcare, life sciences, risk management, and technology. Together this team of innovators and thought leaders has developed a comprehensive solution to getting back to work during infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19. SAFELY.​

Our Mission

Safely2Prosperity LLC (S2P) is a healthcare infectious-disease risk-management innovations company.


Our Mission is to empower employees, students, teachers, and others to return to work/school safely and productively while at the same time protecting their families and homes from infectious diseases like COVID-19 and its variants.

How do we do this?

Through our comprehensive and advanced system Infectious Disease Safety Programs, including its COVID-19 Safety Program.


It has developed a unique SaaS infectious disease risk-management platform and multi-dashboard product that it pairs with customized packages of vaccinations, therapeutics, testing, and tracking technology.


This highly effective, low-cost program is similar to the now worldwide-ubiquitous Fire Safety Programs. Eventually, every significant company or school in the world will need one.


Our Team


John Norris, JD, MBA


Hon. John Norris, JD, MBA, is a globally recognized visionary and thought-leader in, and aggressive creator and executer of, strategies for better managing Life Sciences, Healthcare and HC IT/AI/ML product development, regulatory affairs filings and negotiations, and crisis-management. Above all, Norris has over 50-years’ of highly recognized experience and success in risk-management and in complex-problem-solving. Norris has helped raise billions-of-dollars to support important Life Sciences, Healthcare, and HC IT/AI/ML advances.

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John Covender


John Covender has been a seasoned entrepreneur since his teenage years. Over the years, he has built multiple companies and handled millions of dollars in multiple industries as his diversification and common sense helped build new market entry products to establishing new revenue models in the corporate and private arenas. He has a strong leadership in business development and market adoption, bringing ideas to reality. John encourages a challenge. 

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Our Purpose

The S2P team’s goal has been to produce new insights, ideas, knowledge, and the beneficial applications they enable. Their healthcare strategies, technologies, and devices continue to make extraordinary differences in people’s lives. Their vision goes from microscopic to global. And from today to 50 years from now.


S2P strives to be responsibly transformational and beneficially disruptive. They look to produce faster, better, and cheaper—as well as safer, more imaginative, and more impactful—solutions. And they target these solutions both to solve intractable problems and to significantly impact and improve future disease-prevention systems, such as by crafting S2P’s new Infectious Disease Safety Programs, including its COVID-19 Safety Program, and more broadly and deeply, future whole healthcare systems.


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