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About Safely2Prosperity (S2P)
Enterprise Infectious Disease Risk-Management Software

Our Story


S2P is a brainchild of Dr. John Norris’ decades-long health, life sciences, and healthcare breakthrough R&D efforts, especially those resulting in innovations that interface with information technology. John is a former second-in-command of the FDA, a former Harvard faculty member, and a 20x board member and serial entrepreneur.

Dr. Norris has assembled an expert team of advisors at the top of their fields in health, healthcare, life sciences, risk management and response, knowledge management, education, and technology. Together this team of innovators and thought leaders has developed a comprehensive solution to getting back to work during infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19. SAFELY.​

Our Mission

Safely2Prosperity LLC (S2P) is a healthcare infectious-disease risk-management innovations company.


Our Mission: Innovate infectious disease risk-management solutions that keep people safe and organizations productive, protecting lives and livelihoods.
S2P empowers companies, governments, government agencies, schools, healthcare providers, and more to be ready for the viral threats of today and tomorrow.


People stay safe. Organizations stay productive.

How do we do this?


Through our comprehensive and advanced data-intelligence driven Infectious Disease Safety Programs, including our COVID-19 Safety Program.

S2P has developed a unique SaaS infectious disease risk-management platform and multi-dashboard product that we pair with customized packages of vaccinations, therapeutics, testing, and tracking technology.


By outsourcing the ongoing system management to us, you stay focused and prepared to respond to viral threats. Immediately.

This highly effective, low-cost program is similar to the now worldwide-ubiquitous Fire Safety Programs. Eventually, every significant company or school in the world will need one.


Why prepare?


COVID taught the world the hard way that preparedness for infectious disease outbreaks is essential. Not only to save lives but to save livelihoods. To prevent economic downturns due to significant worker absences and costly litigation. Or worse, repeated business closures due to workforce and supply chain collapse.

Every organization must actively prepare. Now. The cost of a prepared response is far less than the consequences of being unprepared.


Our Team


Dr. John Norris, JD, MBA

Founder & Executive Chairman

Dr. John Norris, JD, MBA, is a globally recognized visionary, thought leader, and craftsman in health policy, law, and management. He is best known for inventing strategies and products for better methods and means for Life Sciences, Healthcare, and HC IT/AI/ML product development, risk management, regulatory compliance, and crisis management. He did his early work as COO of the US FDA and as a faculty member at Harvard. He is now a risk management entrepreneur. 

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John Covender


John Covender is a gritty-hand man's man and a true leader. He learned this skill at an early age. And today, he is a very accomplished and world-renowned businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, new software product and business-model innovator, and a much-sought-after thought leader and public speaker.

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Dr. Haden Land


Dr. Haden A. Land, Hon. D.Sc., Hon. DHL, is a former senior executive with Lockheed Martin, where he led engineering operations/delivery for a $5B business and R&D for a $10B business. His substantive areas of expertise cover a broad spectrum of the needs of businesses and government agencies operating in the national security and related industries--and beyond. He is currently a highly sought Cyber Security and Information Technology Senior Executive Consultant.

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Our Advisory Board

Patricia Norris is a management and digital strategist and consultant. She has more than twenty-five years of experience at the intersections of technology, media, communications, and learning—including their innovative impact in healthcare knowledge management and healthcare risk management.  Ms. Norris brings her strong expertise in strategic program and product management, digital identity and communications, multi-platform content, new technologies, business development and partnerships, user research and engagement, and learning, to S2P and its clients and partners. 

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Patricia Norris


Buck Revell

Mr. Revell is a former deputy director of the US FBI, where he had a highly distinguished career and received numerous awards for outstanding service. He now is a much sought-after national security, international security, and general business expert, speaker, and author. And he is the founder and President of Revell Group International, Inc., a global business and security consulting firm based in Rowlett, Dallas County, Texas. He also serves as Executive V.P. of Rogue DNA, Inc, based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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Takahisa (Taka) Karita

Takahisa (Taka) Karita is a Japanese serial entrepreneur of great prominence in Asia and especially in Japan and a much sought-after thought leader and speaker worldwide. Karita has a rich track record in business, especially in the areas of business alliances and business development. His business activities have been in many fields in Japan, Asia, Europe, and the US, especially in health and healthcare. He works extensively in these areas.

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Mahesh Kalva

Mr. Kalva has a master's degree in computer information systems from Southern New Hampshire University. He has completed leadership development courses at MIT Sloan Business School, Carnegie Mellon University, and attended graduate level courses in Business Administration at University of Pune. He has a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry. A respected technologist, entrepreneur, and strategist in the federal Systems Integrator world, Mr. Kalva was awarded the Asian American Executive of the year in 2015, Cloud Architect of the year in 2012, and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. In 2014, he graduated from the Leadership Montgomery program, which brings together emerging leaders to make Montgomery County, MD, a better place to live and work.

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Our Purpose

The S2P team’s goal has been to produce new insights, ideas, knowledge, and the beneficial applications they enable. Our healthcare strategies, technologies, and devices continue to make extraordinary differences in people’s lives. Our vision goes from microscopic to global. And from today to 50 years from now.


S2P strives to be responsibly transformational and beneficially disruptive. We look to produce faster, better, and cheaper—as well as safer, more imaginative, and more impactful—solutions. And we target these solutions both to solve intractable problems and to significantly impact and improve future disease-prevention systems, such as by crafting S2P’s new Infectious Disease Safety Programs, including our COVID-19 Safety Program, and more broadly and deeply, future whole healthcare systems.


Contact S2P

Ask us how S2P's healthcare risk-management solutions can transform your business.

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