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Advisory Board Member

Karoom Brown

Karoom's substantive areas of expertise cover a broad spectrum of the organizational needs of government and businesses that address complex IT solutions, computer science, risk management, healthcare, national defense, and related industries—and beyond. His passion is discovering, creating, implementing, and applying healthcare-related management solutions for growing companies and enabling national security through creative solutions to complex IT problems.

More of the details. Karoom:

  • Currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Robinson Brown Consulting.  Robinson Brown is a strategic consulting firm offering business and growth strategy services to businesses within the healthcare and technology markets. 

  • LinkedIn
  • Previously served as:

  • Global Chief Growth, Strategy, & Product Officer for Optum’s $2B business unit OptumServe. 

  • CEO of OptumServe Technology Services, a $100M subsidiary of OptumServe. 

  • Senior Vice President of Growth and Strategy for Leidos Health, a $2.4B business

  • Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for Lockheed Martin’s Health & Life Sciences business.  

  • Has exceptional experience supporting our nation during the recent pandemic by helping Federal, State, and private business organizations respond to the pandemic - from testing and vaccinations to IT and return-to-work solutions. Karoom’s preparedness experience and expertise began in 2001, supporting ground zero recoveries after 9/11, and continued throughout his career, where he aided Federal, State, and private responses to foodborne disease outbreaks and H1N1.  

  • Has significant expertise in formulating company strategic goals, identifying expansion streams, and liaising with clients.    

  • Possesses a unique talent for transforming underperforming organizations into top-tier revenue generators.

  • Previously served on the United/Optum Diversity & Inclusion Board and Health Equity & Supplier Diversity Committee. 

  • Has been recognized with numerous awards that commemorate his competencies in exceptional service, leadership, and technical marketing skills. These include The Lockheed NOVA Award, The AFFIRM Federal Industry Award, The BEYA Sales Executive of the Year Award, and The Johnson & Wales Distinguished Alumni Award.

  • Has years of various nonprofit organization engagements supporting veterans, underserved communities, and children in disadvantaged situations. 

  • Received a master’s degree in information systems management from NYU’s Tandem School of Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Johnson and Wales University.  He also has educational pathways in strategic planning and strategic marketing from Harvard Business School.


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