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J. Kyle Moyer

Acting Director of Communications & Marketing

J. Kyle Moyer is a visionary figure in the realm of creative strategy and design. Throughout his vast professional journey spanning from financial services leadership to industrials marketing campaign design, he has consistently demonstrated the unique ability to bring brands to life. He currently helms HyperBrand Creative, Ltd, and is known for his outstanding strategic insight and creative execution.

Mr. Moyer’s areas of expertise encompass a broad spectrum, including Strategy Development, Brand Identity & Development, Creative Content Creation & Marketing, Team Leadership, and Operations Management. He's particularly recognized for his innovative approach to effectively communicating complex value propositions, branding and design, helping businesses translate their vision into tangible results. He has been designing and executing branding and marketing initiatives for S2P since 2021.

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Some of the details. Mr. Moyer:


  • Founded HyperBrand Creative, Ltd. in 2021, establishing itself as a beacon for captivating content. 

  • Holds the position of Chief Strategy Officer at Acceler8Now, a marketing firm dedicated to providing comprehensive Go-To-Market to conversion solutions for clients across a variety of sectors.

  • Joined NovAccess Global, Inc. during its pre-launch phase, single-handedly creating all public and investor-focused marketing collateral, and working directly with company founder and CEO to craft messaging. His dedication and strategic communication skills plays a crucial role in enabling navigation of their groundbreaking Glioblastoma immunotherapy drug candidate through the FDA approval process, aiming to bring an innovative solution to market and enhance patient experiences. Mr. Moyer’s contributions have been pivotal in articulating the complex technical aspects of the company’s technology, ensuring clear and effective communication to a wide audience.

  • As VP of Communications and Creative Director at Innovest Global, Inc., a publicly traded industrials firm, he steered efforts across diverse operational sectors to establish a unified and influential brand presence. He collaborated with the President to formulate a comprehensive service offering, leveraging the unique strengths of all subsidiaries, aimed at aiding companies in their transition back to office work amidst the 2020 pandemic, contributing significantly to the development of the America Safe Return Initiative (ASRI). Featured on ABC News, he played a key role in publicly announcing this vital effort. Further cementing his impact on the company’s identity, he engaged in close collaboration with the Founder & CEO to create and disseminate materials that encapsulated the firm’s foundational values and ethos.

  • Effectively bridged the communication gap between complex nanotechnology and a predominantly non-scientific audience, skillfully aligning advanced product features with compelling marketing strategies. This was instrumental for a company introducing an innovative, sustainable, and long-lasting surface protectant to the U.S. market. His work gained notable recognition, with his videos becoming a central part of successful international marketing campaigns.

  • Led contact center, Contact Source Solutions as Senior Vice President, Operations, streamlining contact center operations and propelling business growth by over 300% with a national medical supplier following a shift to a virtual contact center model. 

  • Conceptualized innovative training materials and sales strategies, as Director of Implementation and Training at Crestwood Management, driving a conversion rate growth by 15% within his first month. 

  • Played multiple pivotal roles at Bank of America, cultivating leadership from Lead Operations Representative to AVP, Fulfillment Support Team Leader in Mortgage Operations, always with an eye toward enhancing internal and external customer experience. 

Known for his hands-on approach, Mr. Moyer is often directly involved in the conception and execution of creative projects, ensuring the highest level of quality and innovation. Continuously pushes the envelope in creative strategy, being at the forefront of integrating latest technological advancements into branding. Holds a reputation for being a visionary leader, often recognized by peers for his ability to forecast industry trends and adapt accordingly.

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