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Former Lockheed Martin Senior Executive, Mahesh Kalva, is Appointed to S2P’s Advisory Board

Updated: Dec 8, 2023



John Norris


Top COVID-19 Risk Manager Safely2Prosperity Announces that Former Lockheed Martin and Leidos Health Senior Executive, Mahesh Kalva, is Appointed to S2P’s Advisory Board

September 27, 2022 – (BOSTON)

Safely2Prosperity L.L.C. (S2P) Founder and Executive Chairman Dr. John Norris is pleased to announce the appointment of former Lockheed Martin and Leidos Senior Executive, Mahesh Kalva, to its Advisory Board and as a Member of S2P’s Advisory Board Preparedness Committee. Kalva led the technology office of Lockheed Martin (and Leidos Health), which included delivery of IT operations and R&D of +$2B business areas. Currently, he serves as the President and CTO at AI-Vets, a small business Systems Integration company serving the US Federal government.

Kalva joined S2P's Advisory Board effective on August 1, 2022. He has been appointed to a three-year term. Being on an Advisory Board of a top company is something with which Kalva is very experienced. He has served in such roles in his previous employment. We are thankful that he has accepted this new role at S2P.

Kalva's substantive areas of expertise cover a broad spectrum of the needs of businesses and government agencies operating in national and international security and related industries—and beyond.

Kalva's technological areas of expertise include Health IT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Big Data, CyberSecurity, Mobility, Cloud Computing, development of Enterprise Systems, Systems Administration, and R&D activities in many industries, including government, commercial, and healthcare sectors or industries.

At Lockheed Martin, Kalva was responsible for creating Healthcare Technology Alliances. These alliances included innovative Silicon Valley IT companies, medical technology companies, and academic institutions. The goal of each was to advance public health. Upon the merger of Lockheed Martin IS&GS with Leidos, Kalva was responsible for the Technology Operations at Leidos Health and created strategic partnerships, innovation labs, and technology delivery planning at Leidos. As a co-founder and President/CTO at AI-Vets, Kalva continues the mission of bringing innovative technologies to hard-to-solve healthcare and technology problems for the US Government and commercial enterprises.

Previously, Kalva held numerous executive-level positions at Lockheed Martin. These included Director of Technology Operations, International CTO, Healthcare CTO, Chief Architect, and head of R&D operations. His previous employers include United Parcel Service and Aspen Systems.

Many of the details. Kalva:

• Led a 4,500-engineer technical/engineering delivery organization serving domestic and international customers, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Social Security Administration, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. • Led an innovation team and health technology lab for Lockheed Martin Health, an organization for a $5B Lockheed Martin IS&GS business segment. • Played a central role in major strategic initiatives, including the launch of Health Care Technology Alliance, Big Data initiative, (CS)2– Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions, Lockheed Martin’s Cloud Computing, CRM & BPO practice, and the M&A of several companies. • During his tenure as International CTO at Lockheed Martin and Leidos, Kalva was recognized not only as an information systems and cyber security leader of a $10B business but also as an innovative information communications technology expert among the governments of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and several Asian countries. • Has been a Keynote speaker at various global events – CyberSpark, Israel, FutureGov, UK Police Forums, and UK Justice Conference. • Has published multiple articles on CyberSecurity, Cloud, Big Data, and Healthcare technologies. • Currently serves as a Board Member of Capitol Technology University, is on the board of Montgomery County, MD, Workforce Development, and is on the board of trustees of DCMSS, a philanthropic organization. • Has a master's degree in computer information systems from Southern New Hampshire University. He has completed leadership development courses at MIT Sloan Business School and Carnegie Mellon University. And he also attended graduate-level courses in Business Administration and has a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry. • Was given the Asian American: Executive of the year award in 2015, Cloud Architect of the year award in 2012, and Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2008.

S2P’s Executive Chairman Norris says:

"We at Safely2Prosperity are very pleased that top candidate Mahesh Kalva has accepted our invitation to join our Advisory Board. Mahesh is a knowledgeable person committed to serving humankind by fulfilling the infectious disease spread health and healthcare risk management needs of people in the U.S. and across the Globe. Mahesh’s values and passions align with S2P's business and social values and passions. Mahesh has been a thought leader in the fields in which he is an expert. He will add significant value to S2P and its ability to help fulfill its U.S. and worldwide customers’ infectious disease spread preparedness, prevention, mitigation, and control goals."

About Safely2Prosperity LLC

Safely2Prosperity LLC is a leading company based in the US (Boston). It provides innovative solutions to selected countries, government agencies, companies, and other organizations, such as call centers, hospitals, and schools/universities, among others, for next-generation infectious disease spread and other workplace disease risk management. Its often life-saving cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) tools help its customers with preparedness, oversight, prevention, mitigation, control, and permanent record-keeping functions, among others. S2P helps companies to stay highly productive and to defend legal or regulatory actions against them vigorously. At the same time, S2P helps companies to prevent significant harm to workers and their families. The Founder and Executive Chairman, Dr. John Norris, is a world-renowned thought leader in health and healthcare risk management, a former Principal Deputy Commissioner and COO of the US FDA, and a former Harvard faculty member. Safety2Prosperity's CEO and CTO is former Lockheed Martin senior executive Dr. Haden Land. S2P has created a set of IT-based "Software-as-a-Service" platforms that help enable enterprises to manage their COVID-19 and other infectious disease transmission prevention and mitigation Safety Programs and soon safety programs for other workplace diseases such as certain cancers and heart, lung, and kidney diseases. The S2P IT Dashboards include trends, alarms (immediate), alerts (soon), predictive analytics, contact tracing, infected-employee isolation control, and exposed-employee quarantine management. In addition, S2P's "Continual Enterprise Portal" offers a health and wellness IT hub designed to provide continuously updated resources and a platform for enterprise engagement. And S2P provides a "Safety Standard" for enterprises to work towards always. Experts widely expect that by the end of this decade, company-sponsored workplace "Infectious Disease (and other diseases, such as workplace chemically-caused diseases) Safety Programs" will be as ubiquitous worldwide as workplace "Fire Safety Programs" are today.


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