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Managed Preparedness and Response

For the Viral Threats of Today and Tomorrow


Infectious Disease Management Solution

Keep your business safe and protect what matters most with S2P. Our powerful pandemic preparedness and response tool improves productivity while delivering tangible ROI.

S2P automates the management of workplace vaccinations, therapeutics, testing, quarantines, and exposure tracking.

Save Time
& Money
Manage Workforce
Make Informed Decisions
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Discover why Healthcare Business Review named S2P a Top Provider of Risk Management Solutions in 2023. Uncover how our services can help tackle the complex challenges faced by your organization - click here now to learn more!

We keep you prepared to help you

 respond immediately to viral threats—like COVID-19.

People stay safe. Organizations stay productive.

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Preparedness & Response
Safety Standard

The Pandemic Preparedness & Response Safety Standard (PPRSS) under development by S2P offers comprehensive protection for companies against the risks posed by pandemics. PPRSS will deliver a comprehensive framework for businesses of all industries, allowing them to stay operational despite the challenges posed by a pandemic. This standard combined with S2P's managed enterprise software provides businesses with all tools required to protect their employees while ensuring business continuity.

Your Complete Solution. Managed by Us.


Data Management

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Risks, Trends, & Guidance
Alarms, Alerts, & Reports

Risk Management


With S2P's dashboard, we will monitor and manage your entire enterprise COVID safety program.

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Why S2P?

Our End-to-End Workplace Health Risk-Management Solution Will Help You Avoid  Profit Loss During Pandemics and Beyond

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Customized Solutions

All COVID Management Systems in One Easy-To-Understand Dashboard.

Save Time and Money

Instant Access to All Data


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Smart Resource Allocation

With S2P's smart platform, we handle ongoing preparedness, so you can focus COVID resources in the right places.


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Regional and workplace location trends

Alarms,  alerts, & reports on quarantines, tests, vaccinations, outbreaks, and more


Employee Dashboard

S2P enables employees to stay up-to-date on their COVID-related health with a mobile-friendly personal dashboard.

Testing Alerts

Workplace & Family Tracing



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Outsource to S2P

S2P's innovative infectious disease risk-management software is an affordable, easy-to-use solution for organizations looking to outsource this essential component of healthcare in the COVID-19 age. S2P enables your company to better predict and manage responses and mitigations to viral threats like COVID-19 

and, soon to come, Flu and Monkeypox.


Employees stay safe and your business stays productive.


Let the World Know

Your Organization Has Taken Action to Protect People

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The Latest from S2P

S2P Has a Powerful Vision

“S2P’s bottom-up systemic approach, complemented by understanding of the healthcare frontlines and partnering with academia while providing the right risk management tools, is what organizations need to better fight the current pandemic and those sure to follow.”


Fred Hassan

Partner and Managing Director at Warburg Pincus & former Chairman of The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) 

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