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Healthcare Risk-Management Innovations

Safely2Prosperity (S2P)
COVID-19 Safety Program Getting Back to Work. Safely.

A powerful SaaS platform.

Pair it with vaccinations, therapeutics, testing and tracking technologies.

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Take charge of your COVID-19 response.

Employees stay safe. Business stays productive.

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How it Works

S2P's all-in-one solution for healthcare risk-management

An innovative workplace safety dashboard.

Pair it with vaccinations, therapeutics, testing and tracking.

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Reports to Alerts
Trends to Risks
Medical Prescription
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Make Informed Decisions


Comply with Regulations

With S2P's dashboard you can monitor your entire workplace COVID safety program, from vaccinations to therapeutics to testing to outbreaks to contact tracking. Our report dashboard includes alarms, trends and predictive analytics and sends out alerts to you and your employees.

Why S2P

Put S2P to work. Invest in employee health and avoid risk.

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Customized Solutions

Add & integrate your COVID solutions.

Manage them all in one dashboard.

No more piecemeal hassle.

With S2P's COVID-19 Safety Program, you can select from a suite of vaccinations, therapeutics, testing and tracking solutions and monitor them in one complete dashboard. 

Smart resource allocation

With S2P's smart platform, you can focus COVID resources in the right places.

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Regional and workplace location trends

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Reports, alarms and alerts on tests, vaccinations, outbreaks, and more.

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Employee Dashboard

S2P enables employees to stay up-to-date on their COVID-related health.

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Testing Alerts

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COVID Positive

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Workplace & Family Tracing


From dashboard-managed solutions to powerful analytics - S2P has it all.

S2P's innovative COVID-19 Safety Program combines a powerful platform, paired with vaccinations, therapeutics, testing and tracking technologies. It uses a unique SaaS infectious disease risk-management platform and multiple dashboards. The S2P program enables your company to better predict and manage COVID-19 responses and mitigations. Employees stay safe and your business stays productive.

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S2P Has a Powerful Vision

“Well thought out top-down ideas to manage the Covid pandemic can be helpful.  The best buy-in occurs with bottom-up initiatives.  So, bottom-up initiatives and supporting tools are now needed by companies and schools to better fight the current Pandemic and the next one and the next one.”


Fred Hassan

Former Chairman, PhRMA:  Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association

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