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Robert E. Smith II

What I do and how I think:  I help people and companies to fulfill their potential and accomplish worthwhile things using strategic thinking styles and advanced communication tools. This helps express, execute, and accomplish high-level strategic and operational performance.

In concert with that, I have a 4-point personal Mantra that I work through:  Have fun, make money, make a difference and enjoy the people I do those things with.  This is the platform from which I operate. 


Helping key individuals and teams find ways to navigate the often-seriously-challenging hurdles of accomplishing desired customer experience and good business growth, is a major component of my offerings.  Those two things can chafe.


A project that I am currently deeply passionate about involves one of the efforts of John Norris, former FDA principal deputy commissioner.  The effort is to be an aggregator of best emerging technology and practices to help people to return to work safely and to mitigate the spread of infectious disease, like COVID-19. 


What I have done: For the last 30 years I have worked through and helped to solve an amazing array of interesting issues and problems. To do this, I studied and adopted a number of top analytical and communications tools. For example, I used and continue to use a variety of Behavioral Science Models, Strategic Thinking Styles, Cultural and Business Belief systems, the System’s Thinking work from Peter Senge at MIT (with whom I spent considerable quality time) and a host of Communication and Marketing growth models. This includes the use of SMART Goals and OKR’s to focus performance.


I have enjoyed working with Technology Start-Ups and Young Companies that have gone onto IPO or being acquired, sometimes having considerable positive returns. 


Throughout my career, I have taught Technology Entrepreneurial Strategies at Draper University, as well as worked with the Senior Teams and Key Executives of companies like Marriott, United Airlines, Staples, Children’s Hospital – San Diego, GAP, California Closets and even helped to successfully negotiate a Co-CEO relationship at Schwab on behalf of Charles Schwab and David Pottruck, an executive then at Schwab, Inc.


Big company, small company – People are people and want to excel.


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Bob looks forward to engaging with you.