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John Covender


John Covender is a gritty-hand man's man and a true leader. He learned this skill at an early age. And today, he is a very accomplished and world-renowned businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, new software product and business-model innovator, and a much-sought-after thought leader and public speaker.

As CEO of Safely2Prosperity, John aims to help enterprises and countries protect their employees, families, company, and investors—and their country's men, women, and children.

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Many of the details:


  • Covender spent 40 years in his family's Disaster/Restoration business, a successful company that has been in business since the 1960s. 

  • His service as CEO in this rough and tumble work not only gave him hands-on experience, passion, and toughness but also enhanced his leadership, managerial, organizational, marketing, and sales skills to the top of his fields of business, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. Covender has saved countless lives in every sense of that phrase in each of these fields.

    • These are the same skills that have proved so valuable to S2P's rapid launch and growth today. As S2P's new CEO, Covender has made all the difference in helping S2P make the difference S2P's Team intends to make.

  • He is nationally known for his experience in the disaster mitigation, recovery, and cleaning industry.

  • During his career, Covender has served often as a CEO or COO. His passion and commitment to quality and success are valuable to S2P locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • His steadfast, never-say-die ability to recruit, put in place, and lead a team of employees, resellers, and customers that work closely together to fulfill a common cause—"saving lives" in every sense of that phrase—is inspiring to watch. 

  • As Covender leads, he does so with calm authority and integrity. Both are integral parts of his character. Other business leaders in many industries see this in a flash and flock to have a chance to work with John in one capacity or another. 

  • He serves on many boards and their key committees—all organizations that have distinguished themselves locally, nationally, and internationally in terms of the lasting difference they have made and continue to make to humankind. 

  • Covender's ability to work with and communicate with people of different levels of education, sophistication, and experience is extraordinary. On the one end of the spectrum, for example, he is the man of the so-called "working people" of the US and the world. On the other end, he frequently meets with world leaders and billionaires.

  • For example, in 1991, Covender was elected a delegate to District Council in Cleveland, Ohio, and an ambassador to the AFL-CIO. 

  • In addition, labor leaders invited him to serve on the Collective Bargaining Agreement committee to help the construction/painting industry's Management and Labor agree on new and better contracts.  

  • And then, Covender, this modest, quiet-mannered gentleman, turns around and organizes or grows major charitable organizations, where he works with some of the most popular and successful leaders in the world—helping "THEM to be all that THEY can be." 

  • Covender's philanthropic involvement in the Community is legendary. He is called by his peers: "one-in-a-million." Covender is a true "Man for All Seasons."

  • Every year, he donates sizable amounts of time, energy, and money (and gets many others to do the same) to give a hand-up to physically, mentally, psychologically, educationally, and financially challenged individuals around the US and the world. These include underprivileged children, homeless individuals, recovering drug and alcohol addicted persons, incarcerated children, and adults, and persons who are injured or threatened by harm from infectious diseases. 

  • Covender also gives his efforts to save lives in other ways, such as disaster relief, first responder, and restoration, where he shows "the injured and oppressed" that there are people left in the world who do care and want to see them survive, thrive, and grow. 

  • He states, "if ten-thousand volunteers or full or part-time workers can help one person a day to move forward out of the depths of poverty, depression, or addiction, and regain their physical, mental, emotional, and social strengths and thereby make something positive of themselves again, then we will be allowed to call this a success." 

  • For Covender, "changing the lives of four million people a year is not the wrong place to start. People who have regained their health and put away their fears can then accomplish their own miracles on behalf of others daily. So, we get a compounding effect."    

  • He is accomplished in seed-level networking, connecting under-skilled people with higher-skilled people, and inspiring ever more people to do the same. 

  • This all comes naturally to Covender. It is his simple way of life. He takes great pride in the development and growth not only of his projects but also the development and growth of the leadership team with whom he has assembled and then increasingly surrounded himself.

  • He displays leadership and the ability to see all the benefits of adding "complementary and value-added services" to the mix to grow globally in any company he serves.

  • Covender's willingness to listen and learn from others, share his insights and knowledge with those he leads and make the right decisions help everything and everyone he leads. 

  • Finally, he has: (1) been involved overseas in transforming, for over 1,000 hospitals, the paper process traditionally used into a far better digital method, (2) served on the board of sales and marketing with a national and international organization, (3) used his license as a Public Adjuster to fight for the insureds' for fair treatment and payment under their insurance policies, and (4) been a much-sought-after thought leader and public speaker.


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